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Kayak School

Level 1 - Introduction to kayaking


First day ofnriver kayaking and prerequisite of level 2 course.

See all the basic techniques and maneuvers  including the famous Eskimo roll. This is the ideal package to initiate you to this  fantastic sport and experience the intoxicating sensations that kayaking innwhitewater provides!

 The first  part of your day is spend learning the basic rudiments necessary for river  navigation. Then after the lunch break go on an adventure aboard your kayak tonthe Paradise rapids.

 Paddle yournfirst  rapids under the supervision of your instructor and learn the latest  techniques in this fabulous sport.

A day of pure enjoyment!

*** Every person who takes a course with us receives a VIP access to all our services. Access to our rental fleet (exclusive to our members only), private campground, shuttle and parking ***

This course includes :

    • 5 hours of kayak lessons
    • Equipment (kayak, skirt, paddle, helmet and lifejacket).
    • Wetsuit before june 21st
    • A certified instructor.
    • Shuttle transportation to and from the river (if required).

Price :

    • 109 $ / pers
    • Maximum 6 students per group.
    • Duration: 1 day.
    • Prerequisite: Read the terms and conditions.
    • Prices per person plus taxes. 
    • Prices subject to change without notice
    • No meals

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